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This is so good. Like all-you-will-want-to-eat-for-lunch-all-week good.  Even my littles love this.  They especially love to add avocado to it - chop one up and throw it in.


Quick and Easy Paella

The best part of this dish is, hands down, the crispy rice at the bottom – make sure you scrape that off into your leftovers. You can also forget your candles. Your house will smell much better with this.


Middle Eastern Chicken Kabobs

Do yourself a favor and use chicken thighs; your family will thank you later! They do not dry out when grilling and make this delicious dish even better. If you only have chicken breasts, by all means, use them.



This is an absolute staple in our house. We love Mediterranean food and eat a lot of it, and this is a must. It is extra delicious the next day after everything has had time to mesh together.